Our Services
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Our Services

Feasibility Studies

So you have a house or a site and you don’t know if you can work with what you have or if you need to build on? We can carry out a feasibility study for you.

A feasibility study is a study of the site or building where all of the site conditions are taken into consideration with a view to building on or working with what is there. Things considered would include distances to boundaries and neighbouring buildings, overlooking or overshadowing issues, whether planning permission will be required etc.

We will talk to you about your requirements and list of accommodation needs when we initially talk to you and take your brief. We will look at the various options open to you and present you with our findings.

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Measured Survey

The first step in the design process will require working with what is already there be it a building or an open site. A measured survey will be required, after which, drawings of the existing will be produced. These will form the basis of the Sketch Designs.

Sketch Designs

Following the measured survey, the Sketch Design stage will commence. At the outset of the project we will have sat down with you and taken a detailed list of your requirements and schedule of your required accommodation.

This is formally known as “The Brief”. Using the existing drawings as a starting point the design process begins. We will present you with drawings of the proposed scheme which will be prepared taking all of your requirements into consideration. Sometimes the existing rooms in a house are not making the best use of space. Reconfiguring what is already there can reduce the size of any proposed extension. The initial sketch designs are open for discussion and will be refined until you are satisfied with the proposed solution.
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Planning Permission

Planning permission will be required for a new house but not all extensions will require planning permission. We will assess the need for planning permission at our first meeting with you.

If planning is required, we will take care of the entire application process for you. The application will include drawings of the existing and proposed development, completed planning application form, newspaper notice, site notice, Ordnance Survey Maps and a schedule of documents included with the application.
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Detail Design

Planning application drawings will not be detailed enough or have sufficient information on them in order for a builder to price a project.

Detail design drawings at a larger scale as well as a detailed written specification and scope of works will be required for pricing. This is called the tender stage and we will oversee the tender process for you. Generally tender packages are sent to 3/4 main contractors for pricing. Each contractor receives the same information and they are directed to return prices to the architect on a certain date. We then will meet up with you to go through the prices received
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Following selection of the contractor the contract documents will be prepared and a date will be set for the contract meeting.

When the contract has been placed the start date will have been set as well as the duration of the project. We will monitor the construction works and hold weekly site meetings with the contractor which we encourage the client to attend. Regular meetings on site keeps a clear line of communication between the client and the contractor. Issues can be addressed as they arise, and this will minimise the possibility of disputes further along.
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The preparation of certificates of payment for the contractor and for financial institutions are included in this stage.

At the end of the project we will issue RIAI Opinions on Compliance with Planning Permission and Building Regulations which will be necessary for any future sale of the property

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Cert for Financial Institutions

We can provide the planning and cost certification for your financial institutions.