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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my project require planning permission? 

This is probably the most frequently asked question. In a domestic situation it is possible to add a 40 sq metre, single storey extension to the rear of a property and this will be exempt from planning. No part of the structure may encroach either side or be seen from the front. The 40 sq metre limit must also include any previous extensions/conversions to the house.

Do I require planning permission for a porch?

A porch no greater than 2 sq metre is exempt from planning permission

How long does is take to get planning permission?

From the date that a planning application is lodged with the Local Authority, a decision must be made no later than 8 weeks from that date. A four week appeals period then follows. At the end of the appeals period the final grant of permission will be issued. In total the planning process takes a minimum of 12 weeks, however this may be lengthened if the Local Authority request further information during the planning process.